Saturday, May 29, 2010

In Which Meo Writes About A Monster…

In Which I Watch Man Destroy, Destroy And Destroy And Destroy…

My days lay flat behind me
And so to before me
My mind a mush
Twas this morn I woke as such.

So what to do?

While prospects nudge
Mine are unseeing eyes
Mine are unmoving limbs
I sit as tho paralyzed

And what to do?

Am I wood like you?
Am I but a piece of ash?
For wave of a magic wand
For a puff from a Jeanie bottle
For a wish come true

What to do?

And the oil is gushing
Vomiting in our ocean
Puking into our Mother earth
A terminal man made cancer

What have we done??
I am sorry, Hitty.


  1. Your poem is powerful and the photo says it makes me pause for a quiet poignant moment in my day.

  2. Your photo perfectly matches the tone of your poem. Nicely done, mom.