Sunday, May 23, 2010

In Which I Once Again Listen, Learn And Understand Humans Just A Bit More

As time goes by I have discovered that Meo leads a somewhat up and down life. Some days she is so busy, as she says, “She can’t think straight.” Some days are so uneventful they pass by without so much as a nod. On one day last week she and I experienced some goings on that, at the very least were, a bit interesting.

As it was, I rode with her and a young lady; her youngest daughter, who she calls Lil’Mama and Little Man and New Baby to visit The Teacher daughter and her two children.

At what looked to me like midday we drove for some time to a nice house in the woods.

As we entered into this cozy, warm house, I was overwhelmed with thoughts of another house which I remember from a time long ago. Was there a mantelpiece above a fireplace and flickers of brightness on shining pots and pans? This was but a fleeting thought but it gave me a deep, pleasant feeling within.

I was placed on the kitchen counter and began to thoroughly enjoyed myself. I must confess much of the words exchanged were a trifle confusing as oftentimes I am not up on the latest news of the world. However, there were some particular subjects of interest to me.
I learned that The Teacher One is a skilled knitter; I learned that she can also cook rather well and that she keeps chickens and grows a quite large garden.

I also discovered that four little cousins playing together can make for rather noisy goings on. I must confess that such sounds did bring to mind some fond recollections, and as it was I lingered in those memories later during the ride back home. But here, I’m getting ahead of myself.

At this time The Teacher One was serving a fish mixture on toast with cheese, watermelon slices, tea, and two different kinds of cookies. They looked to me to be a delicious assortment. Thus I am once again regretful that I cannot take in the pleasure of taste. However, the smell was indeed most delightful.

As spoken of earlier along with the lively clatter of noises coming from the four little people there was conversation between Lil’ mama, The Teacher One, and Meo. They discussed all manner of subjects; I learned that mother’s milk is by far much more nutritious than formula. I heard Meo speak of aging and the graying of hair. I gained the knowledge of raw versus white sugar. I also listened to the three women relate stories of life with husbands. (This subject I found rather amusing as Meo, The Teacher One and Lil ’ mama told their stories with good humor.)

I also gleaned from subjects discussed that Lil’mama and The Teacher One had some slightly differing beliefs.
Now , interestingly I have observed on the big screen even the smallest of differences between humans can bring about some rather uncomfortable feelings and oftentimes loud words are exchanged. But there seemed to be only pleasant communications between Lil’mama and The Teacher; they seemed but only friends. Again I am reminded that humans are a conflict as such and hold much interesting lines of thought. I am constantly learning anew of human ways.

It was precisely during the lighthearted exchange of husband tales that a loud commotion created an instant distraction.

“Mom, Mo-o-om, Mommy…” was the cry heard from the other room. It seemed as one; Lil’mama, The Teacher One and Meo stood up and rushed toward the sounds of distress.

From my spot on the counter I could hear but little, however I was able to conclude that things were smoothed out a bit and it was decided that a story of some sort was to be presented on the big screen for the cousins to view together.

However, just as it seemed as if things were being settled in the other room I was in a far different state. One of the children who belongs to The Teacher One had walked into the kitchen and picked me up. As it was, my uneasiness was quickly put to rest. He held me with such care and confidence. Now it comes that this child was a boy however at this time my eyes told me otherwise. For he had the most beautiful long and lovely hair.
He carried me into the other room and began to quietly play with me. For a few blissful minutes he and I had a delightful game of play; I was placed in one of his many toy cars.
I was even put into such that I could stand looking out the top of the car.

This playful scene seemed far too short for me, for soon the cousins became interested in the story on the big screen and Meo, Lil’mama, and The Teacher One walked into the other room.

As the visit drew to a close, coats and belongings were gathered, kisses and hugs were exchanged and, thankfully, I was retrieved. The long haired boy who I had heard was called “Just Like His Dad” scooped me up and out from the car and shyly handed me back to Meo. I could not help but notice the big smile spread across his handsome face.

And so it went, as we journeyed home I thought of the noisy sounds of children, sisters so different yet so the same, and handsome little boy with long hair.

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