Saturday, May 15, 2010

In Which I Dry Up A Bit And Discover My Life-Blood

I could smell the onions, I could smell the eggs, and I could even smell the dill pickles.
What was happening here? Was Meo making potato salad?

---- Oh yes I can smell, I can see, I can feel, I can hear, I can speak (when no humans are about) I can move and dance (sort of) and I can write.---

So again what is happening here? Is summer on it’s way? I know, I know I’m but a little doll, but I can grasp these things. When Meo and her rolling-eyed husband pulled out the barbeque, when Meo starts airing out the bed linens in the sun, when Meo starts making potato salad then I know the warmer weather is coming.

Tis near summer!

For the most part the sunny weather is a good thing. If I can be left to bask in the rays of sunshine for just a short period, my ol’ pegs will warm a trifle. This always gave me a glow within. I am well aware that I am unable to sunburn. However, too much sun and heat can dry me out and can make me subject to crankiness. I have learned this is not an agreeable state of mind.

So after spending a few sunny such days outside with Meo, this morning I felt a particular uneasiness which I do not distinctly remember feeling before.
I feel an inclination to dwell on the rather doleful side of my thoughts. Presently, I vaguely remember some not so pleasant happenings and, as before, I am a bit confused as to where they might come from. I have rather grey thoughts of crows, and a burning ship, and then something like a stick and some rough young boys in the night. I do not hold with dwelling on such pessimistic things but sometimes I have but little control.

So I am to spend the day in the doldrums and can see not much to brighten me.

Lest I should become so morass that I cannot bear it, I slip into a rather shallow and troubled sleep.

Upon wakening some hours later, I discover I have been left lying and clad only in my undies on the kitchen counter. Meo, as usual, had left the microwave light turned on. I could clearly see from the clock on the stove that it is now the early hours of the morning. Presently, I could feel something very strange. It was as rather pleasant sensation and it took me sometime to understand just what had happened. Once again I am simply unable to explain such luck that befalls me in my times of peril. For so it came that I had been carelessly placed in a rather large puddle of olive oil that Meo had evidently spilled. My backside had so completely soaked up the lushes liquid while I had slept that I felt delicious and most as nice as one could imagine.

However, one must take full advantage of such lucky circumstances and I thus began pondering just how I might flip myself over so as to more evenly spread the heavenly feeling of the oil. There was no doubt that both Meo and her rolling-eyed husband were upstairs and most likely fast asleep. However, the two dogs Grover and Zoƫ were currently taking a rather restless nap on the couch not far away. If I were to flip myself over my stirring would more than likely start them to barking. This would intern surely wake up rolling-eyed husband. I did not want him to discover me and remove me from the counter thus foiling my plans to soak up more of the soft, creamy olive oil. After but a few minuets I resigned myself to taking this chance.
I then, much to my surprise, and without much difficulty I crossed one leg over the other and neatly flipped over to my front side. The two dogs perked up. Jumped off the couch and directly came towards where I lay on the counter. Then, to my dismay, they both began their incessant barking. It was but a short time later that rolling-eyed husband opened the bedroom door, leaned over the railing and spoke in very harsh words to the two dogs.

“There is nothing to bark at, you silly mutts, STOP BARKING NOW!” he yelled.
He turned, walked into the bedroom and closed the door.
The dogs jumped back up on the couch.

“Safe.” I thought to myself. As I silently continued to savor the amazing sensation of the oil .

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