Wednesday, May 5, 2010

In Which I Am A Guest At A Mexican Restaurant And Meet My Likeness

Meo had made a new friend, her name was Ann. Ann, I understood, had many Hittys. To me, how this could be was a mystery. Though I am sure I will come around to understand someday. As it goes, I’ve come to accept humans’ curious twaddle. I heard Meo, in her cheery voice mention to rolling-eyed husband that there were plans made to meet with Ann and her unsocial husband (as she had referred to him at one time) for dinner at a place that served Mexican meals. In my memories I could not recall ever doing so before. Thus you must accept my eager anticipation of this adventure.

Therefore, on a Thursday evening I was placed in my caring bag and tossed into Meo’s purse.

Little did I think that she may actually remove me from my hiding place for I knew her rolling-eyed husband would think it silly. But, as was to happen, she did and I was nestled at the end of the table along with the salt and pepper and such. Then to my utter delight, Meo’s friend, Ann brought out a little wooden doll and presently sat her on the table next to me.

This other little wooden doll, I learned from Ann’s words had been given the name Hitty Esther Edelweiss. HEE, as I learned she liked to be called, bore a remarkable resemblance to me.

I must confess that at first, this was a bit alarming. Yet, by and by, I adjusted to this situation and I became more, and more comfortable. But due to our close proximity to the four humans, we were unable to speak to one another. Except, it did seam, in a silent sort of way, we exchanged pleasantries with one anther. Therefore, as it went, the evening presented itself in a rather agreeable way.

From where I sat with my new friend at the end of the table, I had clear view of the humans and a clear ear to their conversation which seamed to be happy and animated. So to the evening soon proved to reveal some very interesting facts indeed.

It was very obvious, as Meo and Ann had hoped, that both rolling-eyed husband and unsocial husband had much in common and were enjoying one another’s many yarns of past work experiences and odds and ends of various stories. As it was, they both shared an interest in old cars and airplanes and then they were reminded that a very impressive airplane museum was in close proximity to the up coming event that Meo and Ann had spoke about. Soon plans began to come forward: while Meo and Ann were attending a gathering with other “Hitty Lovers” rolling-eyed husband and unsocial husband would travel together to observe some unique airplanes.

Without a doubt, when the phrase “Hitty Lovers” was included in the humans speaking my senses were peaked. Truth be told, my curiosity was even more heightened, especially when Ann began colorfully describing in detail of other “Hitty Gatherings” she had attended. Was this some kind of event in which I might be included?

Oh, how I wished that HEE and I had been able to consider this in a more private setting. If only we were able to somehow fall under the table in unison. And then be, if only for a short time, out of the sight of the humans.

Curiously enough, even though this was a tempting idea, the very thought itself simply terrified me, I had caught a glimpse of the items that were strewn about on the floor beneath the table; a paper napkin, a bit of change, and a various pieces of paper. These items alone did not alarm me so much. But the very chance that I might be forgotten (as were these items) and left behind under the table in the restaurant was rather horrifying to me.

But then I had so very many questions for HEE. I am sure she would be able share with me in detail just what Ann was now so enthusiastically speaking of. I only hoped that at some time in the near future HEE and I might spend more time together and thus this would enable me to better understand this world of people who call themselves “Hitty Lovers.”

The evening was now drawing to a close and I had, much to my relief, been tucked once again into Meo’s purse. I could hear muffled voices saying such that, “Yes, we must do this again soon.” and “Next week we’ll meet to go shopping together.”

Then, much to my pleasure, I heard (though not so much like hearing, but what seamed in a silent sort of way), HEE, “See you again soon, my new Hitty Friend.”
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