Thursday, May 6, 2010

In Which I Hear Tales Of A Bullet, A Gun And A Very Lucky Young Man

Meo and rolling-eyed husband oftentimes spoke of their children. Therefore, I felt as a friend to them. I thought I knew their children well. Hence, I was rather puzzled when I heard words being spoken about their son, T Dot, as he called himself.
I felt rather fearful upon hearing the words “near miss.” For my memories once again came into focus; images of guns called muskets and young men and fighting. These thoughts caused my pegs to shiver in fear.
It had come to my attention some months ago that T Dot had received what is called a concealed weapons permit. I learned this to be a certificate from some authorities giving him permission to carry a gun under his clothes.

And so as the story goes…
It came about that I was once again out for another evening with Meo and her rolling-eyed husband. However, this time I was not to be so lucky as to be brought out of my hiding place and introduced to all. Thus I come to relate this story from the muted depths of Meo’s purse.
T Dot began his narration with a joke and a smile, as he often does. Though I missed the words of the joke, I did enjoy the ensuing laughter and was thus expecting a more light-hearted story than the one that ensued. As he told of the incident of “near miss” it seamed as though the great harm that could have come to him became very apparent to everyone listening, for all became quiet.
Soon only T Dot’s deep voice could be heard. “…and then as I was leaving the parking lot. I remembered that my gun was still in the glove compartment…..”
As I listed intently to his description of the events, I found it difficult to clearly understand each and every word. For presently the contents of Meo’s purse shifted some what and a bit of Kleenex and small chunks of what looked to be peppermint candy were now lying on my head. But as luck would have it, as T Dot continued his speech his voice grew louder. I also sensed a feeling of excitement and anticipation growing in the room.
“… so the way I figure I must have left a bullet in the chamber…my shirt must have…anyway when I went to put the gun in my back holster…then when it went off… It was so LOUD! there is a gunpowder stain on the back of my jeans… big hole in the seat… The bullet must have logged in the bottom of the Volvo somewhere…”
For what I am sure was but a few seconds but seamed to me much longer the room was completely silent. Then it was as if all began speaking at once. For a time I was confused, I knew not whose voice I heard. Then it came, Meo in what I recognized as her cheery voice, however her voice was not so cheery this time.
“T Dot! You mean to say you left a bullet in the chamber?!!!” She went on in a rather scolding way, “Why didn’t you have your safety on?!!!”
I found T Dot’s response came to me somewhat muffled but, as it was, I was able to discern his embarrassment upon him being reprimanded by his mother.
“I know, Mom, it was a pretty dumb thing to do.” He went on, “It won’t happen again.”
I could picture his downcast eyes and Meo’s look of displeasure.
“I certainly hope so!” Meo scolded.
I am sure rolling-eyed husband had some choice words to say to T Dot also but just now Meo took off her jacket and hung it over the back of her chair precisely where her purse hung. Then it came about that all the voices that I could just make out before, were now silenced to a mere hum.
Next, as now had become my habit when snuggled into a dark warm spot and without any outside distraction, I slowly began nodding off into a soft slumber.
And so it came a day later, T Dot paid a visit on Meo and rolling-eyed husband.
I must confess I once again I am found unclothed and sprawled in a very immodest fashion across Meo’s working space. So presently, she began to dress me.
She spoke in her cheery voice (it was back), “T Dot I’d like to see the hole in the seat. I am going to show Hitty too.” She went on, “I am going to blog about it.”
Curiously enough, I now noticed what appeared to be rolling eyes in T Dot’s expression. (Could this be a male family trait?)
As Meo carried me along with her camera out to T Dot’s Volvo little did I think I would be so effected. The damage was far more than I imagined. I was frightened in a way I cannot describe. Mercy! What a hole it was! I must say I have gained a new respect for guns. I now realize how important it is to be smart with their handling. I most certainly hope that T Dot has learned this lesson as well.

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  1. Dumbass! I certainly hope he's learned to be more careful from now on!