Saturday, July 3, 2010

From Where Did This Come?

Every line upon my face
Tells a story of a place
In my life
I laughed, I cried
Oh yes, and sometimes lied.

For living life is not so pure
As one is told in youth
One does what one must do
To survive, Life

One does what one must do
And so it goes with you and you

Then when life you begin to see the other side
You will make no attempt to hide
Behind the stories told in youth
You will embrace with open arms

Then life comes so pure and clean
You want to scream,
"I’m still alive! Look at me I survived!"

Meo 2010

1 comment:

  1. We outlive our fairy tales and all the Hollywood myths and learn to embrace the truthful stuff of life, its true. And we are all the blessed for doing so. I truly enjoyed your poem. It has a lovely tempo to it and I love the words you chose to put together in strings of rhyming. (Do you sing?) Thank you for sharing it!