Friday, April 30, 2010

In Which Meo And I Hold A Contest And I Give Away One Of My Dresses

It was upon waking up this morning that, not for the first time, I noticed the amazing number of dresses that seem to have accumulated on my clothes rack. It is along with this knowledge and the news I over heard Meo speaking of that has prompted me to HOLD A CONTEST!!! It was yesterday, in her cheery voice, I was sure I heard her say to her rolling-eyed husband: “I wonder when Hitty’s house will come in the mail.” A HOUSE! FOR ME? How can this be…I’m only a humble little wooden doll. But, sure enough, I heard her say the same thing again this morning. (Meo does have a habit of repeating herself. Her rolling-eyed has told her this.)
So-o-o-o it is decided one of my dresses will be given away.

Meo has typed out the rules below:

#1. Become a follower of this Blog

#2. Name the correct chapter, paragraph, and line (or lines) the following phrase is from in the book “Hitty, Her first hundred years, by Rachel Field, published in 1929. (I have used the 1st Aladdin paperbacks edition, September 1998.)

“Bill Buckle strode on, carrying her as easily as if she had been a bundle from one of the bazaars.”

#3. Contest ends on May 8th, eight AM PST
In case of a tie all correct answers will be put in a hat and Meo’s rolling-eyed husband has agreed to draw the winning name.

I will be unable to access the internet for a portion of next week, however I will notify the winner no later than May 12th, And your prize will be in the mail directly.
You can post your answer under the comments at the end of this blog

A photo of the dress is presented below; the dress is handmade of 100% cotton in a tiny purple flower print on white background. It has a real button closure in back and is made to fit the body style of the Raikes Hitty. It will come with a small wire hander.



  1. I just realized that of all various verions of the Hitty books I have, none is the one from you context. I knew as soon as I saw it that this was the scene in India where Phoebe lost Hitty. In my book, it Chapter 8, Page 84, lines 21-23. Alas, I shall not be eligible lest I suddenly procure yet another version of the book, and I do believe that I have more than I need already. Sigh. Happy (or shall I re-name myself, un-Happy)

  2. The quote is in Chapter VIII, page 97, paragraph 18, lines 6 & 7. Hooray! Fun contest!!
    Ann S.

  3. That sentence can be found in Chapter VIII (eight), paragraph 18. Not sure if you are counting the line from the top of the page, or from the start of the paragraph. If the paragraph, it is lines 5-7; if the page, it is lines 21-23.

    I have the hardcover MacMillan edition, from December 1930.

    Yes, I have a job that requires me to be very specific about assumptions! :-)

    Thanks for a fun contest -- Lyn

  4. Well, I sent you an email last weekend, but just in case this is where I'm supposed to post... I have a Simon & Schuster Book for Young Readers. That line is in Chapter VIII, paragraph 18 and it is line 4 of that paragraph.
    Thanks for having a contest!
    Karen in CO

  5. Maggie PringlemeirMay 8, 2010 at 5:20 PM

    Hi, Meo --
    My book is a 1946 reoruint -- the line you quoted is in Chapter VIII, paragraph 18, lines 5 through 7 on page 84. How in the world are you going to reconcile all the variations in different editions? i'm glad YOU are running this one and not ME!

  6. well two late for the contest